We've gathered over the years.

These were put together with the combined effort of Debbie Mayes, and Pat Marsh. I want to thank them.

Royce's Baked Ham
(from Reno)
Uncle Fred's Hot N' Sweet Mustard
Whole Cloves

Put ham in baking dish. Pour 1 can of beer over ham. Bake in oven covered for 45 min. Take ham out and score it. Add Uncle Freds Hot N' Sweet Mustard over ham and put cloves on ham. Put back in oven and bake until done. Slice and serve with salad, potatoes au gratin or twice baked potatoes, veg., rolls, and of course apple pie with cheese or ice cream. Yummy! Yummy!

Pat's Easy Spanish Rice

1 LB ground beef
1 green bellpepper - chopped
1 medium onion - chopped
1 cup minute rice
1/2 jar (8 oz) Uncle Freds South Texas Hot Salsa
Salt & pepper
chopped jalapeno (optional)

While minute rice is cooking place ground beef in
Skillet and begin to brown. Add bell pepper, onion and
Salt and pepper to taste. Cook until meat is well cooked.
Add Uncle Freds South Texas Hot Salsa and chopped jalapeno (optional),
Simmer. Stir cooked rice into meat mixture. Serves four.

Pat's Hot Baked Potato

Chopped onion
Uncle Freds South Texas Salsa (Medium or Hot)
Butter (optional)
Smother hot baked potato with the above ingredients
For a great change to the traditional baked potato.

Uncle Freds Chip Dip

8 oz sour cream
8 oz Uncle Freds South Texas Salsa (Hot or Mild)
Mix ingredients together in bowl, grab the chips
And dip away!!!

Pat's Shrimp Salsa Creole

2 LB (or more?) raw peeled shrimp
2 TBS butter
1 tsp. crushed garlic
8 oz Uncle Freds South Texas Salsa (Hot or Mild)
1 cup Minute Rice

Sauté shrimp in melted butter & crushed garlic. When shrimp is nearly cooked add in
Uncle Freds South Texas Salsa, simmer for an additional 5 minutes.
Serve over cooked minute rice. For a special touch sprinkle with Uncle Freds
Jamaican Jerk Spice
. Delicious quick meal, serves 2 -4.

BBQ Beef or Pork Ribs

Uncle Freds BBQ Shake N Rub
Uncle Freds BBQ N Dippin Sauce


Pat the ribs with Uncle Freds BBQ Shake n' Rub and smoke for about 2 hours at a low 220 degrees. Bake in the oven low (covered) for another 2 hours. This is how we made them in our restaurant. They will fall off the bone. Ready for some BBQ N' Dippin' Sauce.

This is my favorite! I love fried fish, shrimp, any seafood except baked fish, altho I will eat this baked fish the next day cold. It is that good. We discovered it during a barbeque on the beach several years ago. Uncle Fred

Cajun Mustard Fish

Uncle Freds Crazy Cajun Seasoning
Uncle Freds Hot N' Sweet Mustard

Fish of your choice (best on ling, snapper, or tuna)

Lay your fish filets on foil. Spread mustard on the fish, sprinkle on Uncle Freds Crazy Cajun Seasoning (less for not so spicy, more for spicier), and cover with the foil. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. Serve with Baked potato and Salad. Exciting new taste!


3 pounds faijitas
1 cup cooking wine
1/2 cup A-1 Steak sauce
Uncle Freds Crazy Cajun Seasoning

1/2 tsp Uncle Freds Habanero 150K Pepper Sauce

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Brush oil on both sides of the meat. Mix wine, Uncle Freds Gourmet Steak Sauce, Uncle Freds Crazy Cajun Seasoning, Uncle Freds Habanero 150K Pepper Sauce, together and brush on both sides of the meat. Bake 30 minutes. Cut meat against the grain. Serve with tortillas and sautéed bell peppers and onions. Serve Uncle Freds South Texas Salza on the side.

Debbie's Jerky Marinade-For Beef or Fish

4 oz Uncle Freds Gourmet Steak Sauce
Uncle Fred's Crazy Cajun Seasoning

20 oz. Bottle Coke
4 oz. Uncle Freds Hot BBQ N' Dippin' Sauce
6 oz. Beer
Optional: SMALL shake of Uncle Freds Texas Island Fire Spice

Place your thin sliced meat or fish in a bowl. Mix the above ingredients and pour over the meat. Let marinade for at least 4 hours, better the longer it marinades. Remove meat for mixture and process.


8 oz. Shredded cheddar cheese
Small can refried beans

Put chips on a microwavable plate. Drop a spoon of beans on each chip. Add cheese to each chip. Microwave till cheese melts. Serve with Uncle Fred's South Texas Salza or Uncle Freds Habanero 150K Pepper Sauce
Variations: add taco meat, guacamole sour cream or tomatoes to the chips. Yummy

Debbie's Spicy Mustard Batter

This recipe is good for fish, shrimp, or pork chops!

3-4 eggs
1 bottle Uncle Freds Hot N' Sweet Mustard
Contadina Italian Bread Crumbs

Beat the eggs in a medium bowl. Add enough mustard to the eggs to make a thin mixture. Dip the meat or fish in the mustard batter then dip in breadcrumbs. Fry in a shallow skillet for 3-5 minutes on each side. I find it is best if fried in Butter Crisco. Serve with Uncle Freds Habanero Cocktail Sauze or Uncle Freds BBQ N' Dippin' Sauce.

Debra's Spicy Potato Salad

6 medium red potatoes
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup Uncle Freds Hot Sweet Chips
1/4 cupUncle Freds Hot N' Sweet Mustard
1 onion chopped
2 stalks celery chopped
4 oz. Sour cream
2 tbs Bacon bits
4-5 eggs

Boil potatoes and eggs till done. Chop into a medium-serving bowl. Add onion, celery, mayo, sweet chips (chopped), mustard, sour cream, and bacon bits. Season with Uncle Freds Island Spice.

Chili Con Queso

1 onion chopped
10 oz. Cheddar cheese
8-10 tablespoons Uncle Freds Hot South Texas Salza
2 tablespoons butter
6 oz. American cheese, cubed
1 (15 oz.) can chili (no beans)

Sauté onion in butter until soft. Add cheeses and cook over low heat until melted, stirring occasionally. Stir in Salza, then add chili. Serve with chips.

Chicken Wings (from Pam)

2 lbs (or more) fried chicken wings about 8 min each batch
1 jar Uncle Freds Hot N' Sweet Mustard,
1stick butter
or Uncle Freds BBQ N' Dippin' sauce
1 stick butter
or ½ bottle Louisiana hot Sauce, mix each separately for a threesome
1 stick butter to each

Melt and mix and put freshly fried wings in and stir for 5 minutes
Serve with Celery and Ranch Dressing



More will be coming in the near future!
If you have any you would like to have put here, E-mail me!
I will put them in with credit.